Azar Nafisi

For They Know What They Do Know

by Barbad Golshiri

Making art, as I’ve always put it, is a habit—a poor one in my case. Making art is not initially creation but constant repetition, salvaged by making puny differences in certain orders on the plane of the feasible. Art is, semiotically speaking, purely negative; it cannot be defined positively. And of course doing it entails not doing something else. Like some of my Iranian colleagues, I’m not doing it these days. We have all seen frames that we can freeze, stick to, and damn. Barring whatever may cross the thresholds of our studios and whatever may enframe and transcend what has been going on in the streets of Iran, perhaps the same thing crossed each of our minds: we have no future.

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3 thoughts on “For They Know What They Do Know”

  1. Susan Balla says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book “Reading Lolita in Tehran”. I did not know how bad Islam is for women. It must of been terrible living under Komanie. I am wondering how many women were flogged in public because they showed skin. It discussed me that some women were killed for showing skin on their hands or arms. Some parts of your book I just cried for the families of these girls. How much girls want an education. They want to be free and not chained under a coat and headscarf. How many of your students just blossomed when you had your class in your house. I am just learning about Islam due to I am involved with an international student exchange. We are doing an Islamic exchange. This is Youth For Understanding. Thank you again for your book. Susan Balla

  2. Cinthia says:

    Hi, my name is Cinthia, i’m from Brazil, and i don’t really know if you Azar Nafisi is going to read this, but i just want to say how much i admire you, my English is not the best one, but in fact i learned how to speek in English by my self like you, well with some help of your mother wright?
    Well, i read all your books, and i just can`t say and express how much i’ve learned with you, my life is books, and you really made de difference…congratulations!you really are the best!

  3. hey azar, thank you for your articles on you blog. they are useful to me. your information resources make those spam blog shamed.

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