Azar Nafisi

The Imagination List

This is a list of books, articles and sometimes videos that Azar is thinking about and recommends. Check back often, as this list will be continually updated. Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “The Imagination List”

  1. Marie Langley says:

    I read and discussed Reading Lolita in Tehran with my book group and am happy to see Azar Nafisi’s sharp and voracious mind engaging us once again with her latest book!

  2. Susi says:

    I am a 50 year old Polynesian woman born and bred in New Zealand. I am part way through “Reading Lolita in Tehran” while reading this I have felt (and surprisingly so) emotions of anguish, compassion and also excitement for literature through the books referenced with “Reading Lolita in Tehran.” I have read the first five pages of Lolita and could not continue as I felt a barrage of insulting feelings being exposed to the mind of a child abuser encroaching on my mind. My thought is “read Lolita if you dare” not because of some regime that forbids it but in the novel not only the innocence of the child is lost but also that of the reader’s.

    1. J Colrey says:

      I had read about Nabakov himself before I closed my mind to the literal sensibilities we are conditioned to believe. I made it through the book, I was stunned in the end, the subjective nature of the plot has the uniqueness and genius that one should read all the books that are available. Some of the books I had a hard time finding.

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