Azar Nafisi


In These Heartless Times, The Little Prince Reminds Us What It Is To Be Human

My new piece in the Guardian, a love letter to the French people in empathy with victims of terror in Nice. I also want this to be a message against the violence that is wrecking havoc the world over from Beirut, Baghdad & Istanbul to Paris, Brussels & New Orleans; against violent rhetoric that is […]

The Republic of Imagination: En Frances

As a part of sharing my recent adventure and launch in France, please enjoy this preface I wrote for the French version of Republic of Imagination. Please note this is the “English unedited version.” French Preface February 22, 2016 The French Connection Do you remember the fox? Not just any fox, this one is a […]

Dispatches from the Republic of Imagination: My Journey Through France

My interview with the wonderful Florence Noiville of LeMonde. It was a joy to talk to a person who was herself a writer & quite in love with ideas & imagination: I had a great time talking to Caroline Broue of La Grande table, the kind of radio interview on culture and books any […]

Dispatches from my Republic of Imagination

I begin many of my talks, expressing my debt and gratitude to books, for connecting me as a reader and a writer to people I have never met before, whom I call ‘intimate strangers,’ people I connect to not because of where I live, what I do, or other exigencies of life, but because of a […]