Azar Nafisi


Readers of the World Unite!

Dear Reader, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Republic of Imagination, a forum for discussion and the growth of ideas central to the question I attempt to answer in my book by the same name: can there be a democracy without a democratic imagination? I hope that all of you […]

The Gabarron International Award for Thought and Humanities

For her determined and courageous defense of human values in Iran and her efforts to create awareness through literature about the situation women face in Islamic society. Forced to leave her country, from U.S. exile she remains one of the most influential voices among silenced Iranian intellectuals. Her message has contributed strongly in raising awareness […]

For They Know What They Do Know

by Barbad Golshiri Making art, as I’ve always put it, is a habit—a poor one in my case. Making art is not initially creation but constant repetition, salvaged by making puny differences in certain orders on the plane of the feasible. Art is, semiotically speaking, purely negative; it cannot be defined positively. And of course […]

In The Eyes Of The World, A Reimagined Iraq

Iraq seems to have entered the world’s consciousness mainly through violence _ through murderous coups, brutal suppression of Iraqi citizens and, for the past three decades, wars and invasions. Today, five years after the start of the U.S.-led invasion, whenever Iraq appears in the news, references to suicide bombs, casualty numbers, the military “surge” and […]

BBC Podcast: Children of the Revolution

With unprecedented challenges facing the Islamic Republic of Iran 30 years after the Revolution, the 50 million Iranians who are under 30 (of the 70 million population), will have by far the biggest impact on the future of Iran and the shape the Islamic regime will take in the years to come. In two compelling […]