Azar Nafisi

Iranian Women

For They Know What They Do Know

by Barbad Golshiri

Making art, as I’ve always put it, is a habit—a poor one in my case. Making art is not initially creation but constant repetition, salvaged by making puny differences in certain orders on the plane of the feasible. Art is, semiotically speaking, purely negative; it cannot be defined positively. And of course doing it entails not doing something else. Like some of my Iranian colleagues, I’m not doing it these days. We have all seen frames that we can freeze, stick to, and damn. Barring whatever may cross the thresholds of our studios and whatever may enframe and transcend what has been going on in the streets of Iran, perhaps the same thing crossed each of our minds: we have no future.

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BBC Podcast: Children of the Revolution

With unprecedented challenges facing the Islamic Republic of Iran 30 years after the Revolution, the 50 million Iranians who are under 30 (of the 70 million population), will have by far the biggest impact on the future of Iran and the shape the Islamic regime will take in the years to come.

In two compelling programmes, we take listeners inside the lives of Iran’s younger generation. We explore what life offers to its burgeoning young population – highly educated, creative, internet savvy, sexually active, but desperately disillusioned: Iran is home to the highest number of heroin addicts in the world. Listen to Podcast Programs »»

Support Iranian Women: Join the One Million Signatures Campaign

Sign the “One Million Signatures” campaign petition calling for an end to discriminatory laws against women such as men’s uncontested right to divorce, polygamy, and child custody.
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Iranian parliament submits new legislation attempting to push back current family laws; in response Iranian women’s rights activists take action

The Iranian parliament has submitted legislation attempting to push back current family laws, reversing the few rights that exist for women. We are very concerned about this new development. Please see the article below for information on how Iranian women’s activists are taking action to prevent this bill from becoming law.

Over 2000 Equal Rights Defenders Object to Proposed “Family Support” Legislation
: In a statement issued today, 2000 equal rights defenders have objected to the Family Support Legislation submitted to parliament by the executive branch, earlier this month. The statement asserts that while lawmakers have claimed that the Family Support Legislation intends to address shortcomings in the law and bring it up to date in accordance with the needs and realities of today’s family, it has in fact pushed back family legislation and the status of women by 42 years.

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