Azar Nafisi


In These Heartless Times, The Little Prince Reminds Us What It Is To Be Human

My new piece in the Guardian, a love letter to the French people in empathy with victims of terror in Nice. I also want this to be a message against the violence that is wrecking havoc the world over from Beirut, Baghdad & Istanbul to Paris, Brussels & New Orleans; against violent rhetoric that is raging across the world by reactionary voices & autocratic rulers who use the war against terror as an excuse to curtail their people’s freedom, those like Donald Trump in the U.S. or Marie Le Pen in France who in the name of freedom undermine freedom.

Readers of the World Unite!

Dear Reader,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Republic of Imagination, a forum for discussion and the growth of ideas central to the question I attempt to answer in my book by the same name: can there be a democracy without a democratic imagination?

I hope that all of you will engage with me and each other on the blog as well as my Facebook and Twitter accounts, for each and every one of you is a crucial part of the Republic of Imagination. Stay tuned for more discussion topics and blog posts, and please use the form on the contact page for any queries or comments for me.

Check the events page for information about my speaking engagements, as I hope to meet many of you along my travels this fall!

I sincerely look forward to this journey of learning and exploration that we will embark on together; I couldn’t do it without you—those other readers, intimate strangers and fellow citizens of the Republic of Imagination.

Happy reading!